Better technology, Better competitiveness

Post Date: 2014-11-22

Sutor is implementing technology upgrading on its color coating production line (PPGI production line) in order to maintain competitive advantage in the color-coated steel product market in China.

Color-coated steel product is one of Sutor’s core competent products and has a wide range of applications in industries like new energy, high-end home appliances, IT products and construction materials. In June of 2004, Sutor introduced state-of-art technology to set up an automated color coating production line which can produce 200,000 tons of color-coated steel products per year branded with its own famous trademark “Huaye”.
Since then, Sutor has been making continuous efforts to upgrade the existing technology and renovate equipments in order to make more value-added products for the niche market demands. After the planned upgrading, the color coating production line can not only expand product offerings but also achieve better energy saving and environment protection.  By using new hot filming equipment, it can produce multicolored high grade building material and decoration material and VCM series products. And by introducing RTO furnace, it can improve operations of the equipment and reduce the production line’s natural gas consumption by more than 60%.
For years Sutor has dedicated itself to innovation and focused on the fine finished steel products throughout the whole process from R&D to manufacturing and services.