Sutor Group Implemented 2016 “Internet + Industry 4.0” Management System

Post Date: 2015-12-18

Along with the strengthened daily work, Sutor Group began to implement 2016 “Internet + Industry 4.0” management system. Though collecting critical points in operation of “Internet + Industry 4.0” development pattern, all management members improved Company’s public and department institutions and also upgraded business operation and management flow recently.

The new management system built new framework and implemented a vertically integrated management method in a more simple and efficient way to integrate inside and outside resources. In practicing “Internet + Industry 4.0” management concept and promoting work efficiency, the Company redesigned business operation procedures, risk control points and amended every related management system. Through the efforts of providing “customized product design services”, “procurement services”, “customized order processing” and “marketing services ”, Sutor will become a one-stop service provider to all upstream and downstream supply chain customers.

Every department member also learnt new institutions under new management system. All employees not only improved their skills and familiarized the new business operation flow, but also built a clear understanding of Company’s forward development prospect.